Tuesday, April 24, 2007

China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou

Last week, I went to Guangzhou, China for the 101st China Import and Export Fair (中国进出口商品交易会).

China Import and Export Fair Outside

Here's the view from our 18th floor hotel room. We got a better deal on our hotel than most of the other visitors because my father's friend is from Guangzhou. This friend's sister-in-law is a hotel manager.

View of Guangzhou from the Hotel

Everything in China just has to be huge.

Inside the Pazhou Complex

The big heavy machinery was necessarily outside. Here's a forklift company with shiny forklifts.

Shangli Forklift

I have no idea what this power company does, but they had a nice booth.


Because of the immense size of the fair and all the heavy catalogs I was carrying around, I had to step outside to rest my feet and my shoulders for a bit. This is the place right by the street where people were allowed to step outside for a quick smoke.


The following is a large expanse that they were just preparing for the second phase of the trade fair.

Phase 2 Being Prepared for Setup

Inside the complex, there were even more displays, but the booths were far smaller.

Pazhou Complex Show Floor 2

Here's my father at the Health and Beauty Products portion of the fair, with a representative of the Chinese company that makes the pictured device.


Finally, proof that I was actually at the fair. I think I had to run out of the way very shortly after this picture was taken, so that a bus full of people could get through.

Me by the Fair Banner

This was a very eye-opening trip for me and I've written down a lot of ideas from the trip. I took enough notes to be satisfied, but I could have taken more pictures, and I regret not taking one of the Pearl River at night with the boats and buildings all lit up and flashing.