Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A cheap and nutritious lunch

I remember when I first tried ugali during my trip to Kenya last May. It didn't taste like it had much nutritional value, but it made me full very quickly.

It's been a slow month at the company, so we've been saving some money on food. I have stopped going out to lunch, and instead I go home to my apartment and cook myself some pasta. I treat myself to parmesan cheese on top, but no meat.

The trouble with this is, it has been tough to get full, even after a lot of pasta.

Today I was impatient and ate two bowls of cereal while my pasta was cooking. I ended up having room for only one bowl of pasta, and I was stuffed. Normally, I'd eat four bowls of pasta and still be a little hungry. I guess I accidentally stumbled upon a solution to staying full.

I'm writing this down for my own reference: for cheap eats, have two bowls of cereal and a bowl of pasta.