Wednesday, August 2, 2006

What's the Web good for?

The web is good for quick, throw-away information (time-sensitive things like news) and for reference. It's fast. It allows jumping. It can be updated in real-time.

The web is not good for books or anything requiring deep thought. It's too distracting, and the display technology we have today makes it too straining on the eyes to read for too long.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Learning to use new tools

So these days we've got Ubuntu, Ruby on Rails, and Aptana.

I'm used to running Fedora, writing webapps with PHP, and doing my development in a text editor such as vim or emacs. It seems like there's something new coming out everyday, and it's a choice between checking out these new offerings or getting something done.

I figure that if the tools I'm using are good enough to get things done, why switch? I'd only consider using a new tool if it allows me to do something that I can't do with my current toolset.